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La France Vue Par Les Nz


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Guest Nameless
France's problems start at the top, with their coach Bernard Laporte.

The man is a ticking time bomb, and not only in hotel lobbies. While most coaches regard matches as events to be studied at the time so as to rearrange tactics and sort out clever substitutions, Laporte can be observed in the stands throwing sudden one-man parties. Sometimes you wonder if he's actually doing a pump class via his laptop.

One thing is certain - he must have had a serious brain explosion when picking David Skrela at first five-eighths against Argentina.

Maybe Laporte took his eye off the ball. After all, he is preparing to become France's national sports minister, he does have thousands of personally signed jerseys to auction, there are also French ham adverts to worry about, plus many business dealings to attend to.


Sinon, dans l'ensemble de l'article, le journaliste NZ est bien peu modeste ! Même mon camarade de Wellington acheva son email avec un éloquent Good luck for Sunday but the All Blacks will win.


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