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L'argentine Invitée Aux Tri Nations


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Argentina invited to play Tri Nations teams

18/02/2008 11:37:45 AM


Argentina could enter the periphery of the Tri Nations competition this year.

It will be offered games by Sanzar when the three competing countries, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa have free weekends.

It will not be an active competitor in the tournament.

The Times is reporting South African Rugby Union managing director Jonathon Stones as confirming that Argentina had been sent an invitation by Sanzar on that basis.

The invitation is subject to the availability of Argentina's best players.

Whether the games reach fruition will depend on the relationship between the Argentine Rugby Union and its players.

The players who finished third at the Rugby World Cup have yet to be paid for their efforts.

The International Rugby Board has been so concerned about the disunity in the Argentine game's governing body that it is holding a 2.5 million pound payment until the administration is settled.

A formal response will be expected before March 5.

Sanzar is studying the consequences of Argentina's future inclusion in the tournament.

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