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Going to Toulouse?


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Ou le petit guide du supporter WASP en visite...

A short guide to venues in which to eat, drink and watch rugby!

Things you need to know begin here:

The game is being played at:

Le Stadium

1 Allee Gabriel-Bienes

31400 Toulouse

This appears to be on the Ile du Ramier, south-west of the city centre. Click here to view a zoomable map of Toulouse and check!

The London Wasps Supporters Club have been doing their research, and squirreled out the following recommendations for places to enjoy some French hospitality pre and post match:

On Friday night, a place identified for a good get together is Trev Brennan's bar, De Danu Bar. This will be an informal get together with a chance to meet some fellow Wasps.

Another place recommended to keep an eye out for is the Melting Pot .Along the Rue Strasbourg, this is much nearer to the Place Wilson and Capitole; where most restaurants, bars, clubs can be found.

Opposite the Melting Pot is the restaurant L'Entrecote. This has basic French fare, extremely popular locally, no need to book and has a set price of '16, excluding wine.

Alternatively, Chez Fazoul is a great place, on 2 Rue Tolosane and much nearer to Trev Brennan's bar. The restaurant is set in the traditional rose bricks of Toulouse (17th century), and the 'á la carte' is around '20 for which you get 4 courses + wine - You should book if you decide to go.

A smaller place to pop in is called Pere Louis, on the way to Chez Fazoul from Place Wilson. This is the oldest bar in Toulouse and does brasserie food and local tipples.

Enjoy the weekend!

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