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L'irb Fait Enfin Son Travail !


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Get ready for Four Nations

Sunday 25 February 2007

Argentina could join the Tri-Nations as early as next season, following pressure on Sanzar from the IRB.

According to Sunday Times sports editor Clinton van den Berg, the IRB is looking to ensure prompt admission to the competition for the No 6 ranked team.

Mike Miller, the IRB’s chief executive, told the newspaper that while it was a difficult issue, “there’s nothing to stop it happening next year if everyone wants it to. The Tri-Nations are all agreed that we need to do something about Argentina — there have been discussions taking place — and the IRB has made it clear that we will look at any scheme that helps to ensure they are properly integrated into international rugby”.

SA Rugby president Oregan Hoskins has already backed calls for the Pumas’ inclusion. “I believe two teams from Argentina should be added to the Super 14, and Argentina should also be added to the Tri-Nations series.”

He even suggested Argentine teams use SA as a base for the first year. Hoskins also believes the Tri-Nations would even up travel-wise.

“South Africa has been disadvantaged for 12 years. Our players are often out on their feet. If Australia and New Zealand also have such demanding tours, we will see who really has the best players.”

Bok coach Jake White also endorses such a move. “If we’re honest about making it a global game, we must try and accommodate Argentina,” he said.

“They’ve shown they are competitive in every way, against us, New Zealand, England and the Lions. I think the Tri-Nations does need something fresh. ”

The division of TV revenue will be pivotal, but SuperSport boss Imtiaz Patel was non-committal. “This is the first I’ve heard of it. It sounds exciting, but let them put it on the table first.”

Posted by Simon @ 9:47 AM

L'IRB essaye de convaincre la SANZAR de s'ouvrir à l'Argentine pour les 3N et le Super 14. Il faut, encore une fois, applaudir les Boks qui poussent ensemble dans l'optique de cette ouverture. La SARFU serait même capable d'accueillir l'Argentine en Afrique du Sud au début.

Si on accélère la professionnalisation dans le pays en créant une province professionnelle, alors on ferait un GRAND pas en avant !

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Vu que

1- l'Afrique du Sud est à 13-15 heures d'avion de l'Europe

2- le décalage horaire est de 1 ou 2 heures max

3- 90% voir + des internationaux argentins jouent en Europe

C'est loin d'être ridicule de voir les Argentins jouaient à domicile chez les Sud-Africains :P En tout cas si cette année cela risque d'être short à cause de la CDM, l'an prochain cela serait vraiment super de voir le tri passé à quadri, cela sera imprononçable :sleeping: mais à part ça c'est cool.

Par contre pur les Super 14 j'y crois pas trop car on vient à peine de passer à 14 et il faudrait que ou les Kiwis et/ou les Sud-af abondonnent une franchise et là houlà ça sera chaud

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Pas con l'argument des déplacements épuisants des Sud Af's, que ça rééquilibrerait le Super 14 et tout... Bon angle d'approche.

Maintenant, pareil que Leilei. Pour les franchises argentines faut pas rêver.

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